Names are what give each and everyone of us our individuality.  A naming ceremony is held in recognition of the importance of marking the special events in our lives, to witness the giving of a name, and in honour of the newcomer to the family and community.  At a naming ceremony I encourage everyone to take an active part in the child’s life, to listen, to be a good role model.

There are lots of things you can do to make your child’s naming day special, here are some ideas to help you plan your day.

  • Photo board of baby photos of 'special people'.
  • Personalised stamps with a photo of your child - for sending out the invitations or thank you notes.
  • Planting of a tree - Guests help plant the tree and as they place dirt into the ground, they say a word/s expressing their wish for the child
  • Lighting of a candle - Candles can be personalised and decorated with little flowers, butterflies, sporting items, cars, child's name, photo, date of birth, weight and length and a poem etc.  A smaller candle makes an ideal gift for your godparents.
  • Video record - get all your guests to say something about the child (wishes etc.) to play back at their 18th/21st.
  • Write a poem about your child to read at the ceremony. 
  • Read a piece of poetry – that reflects how you feel about your child.
  • Signature bear - For guests to sign creating a permanent memento of the day and guests who attended.
  • Photo signature frame - Frame a photo of your child with a large enough border for people to write on it. It becomes a beautiful reminder of the day and something you can hang in their room or the house.
  • Sand Ceremony – There is a lovely visual reminder of the day representing your family and the Godparents.

I will have a personalised naming certificate for your child as well as a certificate for each of the Godparents as their memento of the day.


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