The handfasting ceremony. Where the bride and groom symbolically bind hands as they ‘tie the knot’ or are joined in the ‘bonds of holy matrimony’. This is an ancient custom which signifies that the couple wish for enduring love, fertility and prosperity.

In a handfasting ceremony I may say something like “Jan and Chris have each prepared themselves in their hearts to begin a new life. One built together on a strong foundation of love and respect. This marriage is a right of passage as the past is left behind as they walk together bound by the ties of love. To symbolise these bonds I hereby bind their left hands together with this sash, which, like their love, holds them together. I tie a true lovers knot – the hands are tied together yet they maintain their individuality.”

At the end of the ceremony the knot is not untied but rather the sash is removed and placed in a special bag or even framed for safekeeping.

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